Mara Cairo

Mara Cairo

Product Owner - Advanced Technology at Amii

Bio Info

Mara Cairo is passionate about using AI for good. With a special interest in health and medical applications, she has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alberta and holds her PMP designation.

She is the Product Owner - of Advanced Technology at Amii. She has 10 years of experience in product development and working with clients to take their products to market, with a focus on micro- and nano-technology.

If you book her, business leaders who are ready to invest in research and development as well as those looking into AI or have internal data science teams will be able to hitch up the potential of their companies. Book Mara now! 

Previous Interviews

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Synthetic Intelligence Forum

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Topic Suggestions

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The used of ML to make fiber production more reliable and cost-effective

The optimization of oil and gas production through the use of ML

Challenges being faced by AI social acceptance

Implementing AI applications as emotionally-sensitive tools

Is AI and ML seen as a greater good, or is the world turning against them?

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