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Mara Cairo

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Mara Cairo is a trailblazer in the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Currently serving as the Product Owner of Advanced Technology at Amii, Mara leads a highly skilled technical team dedicated to empowering industries with internal machine learning capabilities. Her passion lies in utilizing AI for the greater good, and she has a track record of success in the hardware development sector, helping clients bring their innovative products to market, with a special focus on micro- and nano-technology.

Mara's expertise is unparalleled, making her an ideal guest for podcasts targeted at business leaders who are already exploring AI or have established data science teams. Her team's work with clients, committed to advancing AI adoption in their organizations, has led to transformative solutions to their most complex business challenges across various industries, including agriculture, health, supply chain, oil and gas, and forestry.

By booking Mara for your podcast, business leaders ready to invest in research and development will gain valuable insights into the potential AI holds for their companies. She will shed light on the AI adoption journey, help demystify the technology, and showcase how it can drive tangible results. Moreover, as a seasoned team leader, Mara will share strategies for recruiting and retaining top-notch AI talent, ensuring a sustainable talent pipeline for businesses aiming to thrive in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn from Mara Cairo, a true AI visionary committed to making a positive impact on industries worldwide. Book her now and unlock the potential of AI for your organization's growth and success.


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