Maggie Pugesek

Maggie Pugesek

Partner & Call Training Expert at C&M Coaching | Speaker | Author

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Most businesses focus on everything except preparing staff members to master challenging conversations with clients, not knowing they could enhance their output by doing so. Maggie Pugesek hopes to change that!

Maggie is the Co-Owner and Trainer at C&M Coaching. Over the last 10 years, she has coached thousands of people and designed bespoke word track for customer service departments in a wide variety of industries. She has published training insights in multiple magazines and spoken in NIADA conferences. Now, Maggie wants to share her techniques and experience on podcasts. Audiences will love her approach to helping businesses succeed and practical advice on communications improvement.

Whether it is customer service, technical service, sales, collections, business development, company culture, or remote work which interests your audience, Maggie has valuable insights on communications that she would love to share.

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