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Kevin Fu is an experienced startup sales executive and founder with a proven track record of driving revenue growth at early-stage, venture-backed startups. He has the unique background of having taken startups from 0 to $1m in ARR three times in a row. Currently, Kevin sits at the forefront of alternative asset infrastructure and asset management as the co-founder and CEO of Repool. Repool is an all-in-one hedge fund back office platform that makes it extremely easy to launch and operate hedge funds, like Carta or Angellist for hedge funds.

Prior to Repool, Kevin was the first business hire and Head of Revenue at Vitally, a successful customer success SaaS platform backed by Andreessen Horowitz, and before that, he was the founding sales hire at Troops, a revenue operations platform, where he was part of the journey from seed to Series B and ended up managing business development and revenue operations.

Outside of work, Kevin is an avid boulderer, likes to read books and watch movies, and enjoys traveling. Years ago, Kevin was also a professional Starcraft 2 player.

His expertise in startups, fintech, hedge funds, and sales make him a compelling guest for podcasts targeting revenue and sales operators and executives, early-stage entrepreneurs, and any topics relating to hedge funds, especially with respect to emerging managers. For podcast hosts seeking an expert guest to discuss early stage startup go-to-market or the fund services industry, Kevin Fu is an excellent choice. Book him now!

Previous Interviews

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The Dream Team Podcast

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Topic Suggestions

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Fintech: Modernizing alternative asset infrastructure

Hedge funds: How to launch a hedge fund as a solo or emerging manager

Hedge funds: Common hedge fund mistakes

Hedge funds: Trends in the hedge fund industry

Outsiders vs insiders: Taking on an highly specialized industry with no prior experience

Taking the leap: How and why I became a founder and what I’d do differently

Career development: Successfully advancing a career as a sales person and making leveraged decisions

Startups: How to build early-stage sales and go-to-market from $0 to $1

Startups: Mistakes and lessons from early-stage venture backed startups

Startups: Building a company as a non-technical founder

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