Kelly Beattie

Kelly Beattie

President & Executive Coach at 1stStar Consulting Group

Bio Info

Kelly Beattie is the President at FirstStar Consulting Group and an expert in Train-the-Trainer programs for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Kelly started FirstStar to help individuals and organizations develop their staff and build their leadership teams - Emotional Intelligence is a key element in the way she teaches and trains. With nearly three decades of experience training top teams and executives on Emotional Intelligence, she has become a renowned leader in the area of leadership development

As a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion expert, Kelly's approach to culture-building and change focuses on the importance of communicating difficult topics and having difficult conversations in the workplace. She provides teams and executives with the tools they need to feel emotionally comfortable dealing with some of the most contentious social topics today. As a teacher, her focus on the importance of communication, empathetic leadership and emotional growth gives business leaders relevant insights into how they can manage people better.

Kelly is a proud business owner, a passionate teacher and a captivating speaker. She has actionable advice for all types of audiences, and hosts will love her relevant and versatile talking points. 

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