Josh Hotsenpiller

Founder & CEO, JUNO

Bio Info

Josh Hotsenpiller is the CEO of JUNO, a one-stop-shop SaaS platform for all types of virtual events and learning the art of community involvement. Together with his two other colleagues, they founded JUNO to help people get connected and share content and experiences. With JUNO, users can create innovative experiences through gamification, human interest modeling, AI, monetization, matchmaking, video streaming, and analytics tools.

Josh is a TEDx Alumnus and a United States Department speaker ambassador. He has traveled across the world to talk about Human Connection and its effect on our lives. With the help of the Network of Executive Women, he was able to write the Beyond Allies EQ-based curriculum. He also Founded another SaaS company called Profits 4 Purpose, which offers the opportunity to recognize causes corporate employees value and suit the companies to relevant projects within their community.

Aside from JUNO, Josh also founded and is, up to this date, the CEO of CrowdHub, a digital solution that connects companies to their desired customers and helps them develop their brand, and Wisdom Capture, an agency that produces value-based content for value-focused brands.

Josh is a dedicated entrepreneur who leads multiple companies, but he is thrilled to impart his wisdom on human connection and online engagement to more listeners!

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Topic Suggestions

Accelerating business objectives with an emphasis on human connection

Building inclusive digital communities

Creating and sustaining digital engagement to drive growth

Using gamification in virtual events for stronger digital engagement

Embracing change and digital transformation into non-profit organizations

Opening communications for outside connections, diverse thoughts

Activating the five pillars of community in a digital environment

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