Jonathan Porter

Founder and CEO, PorterLogic

Bio Info

Jonathan Porter is a supply chain expert and the founder and CEO of PorterLogic, a company that provides a supply chain tech stack for ambitious brands. With a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Georgia Tech and a Denning Technology and Management scholarship under his belt, Jonathan has spent his career working with supply chain and business intelligence software at both large, established firms and startups.

Jonathan's experience and expertise in supply chain digital transformation, fulfillment operations, ecommerce, CPG, and B2B SaaS make him a perfect guest for podcasts targeting operations and supply chain leaders, director or VP of operations, supply chain, distribution, fulfillment, COOs, and CIOs. His innovative approach to supply chain management and his ability to fill operational gaps without changing existing systems or processes make him a valuable resource for businesses seeking to drive profitable and efficient growth. If you're looking for a guest who can provide valuable insights on supply chain management and help you understand how to optimize your operations, Jonathan Porter is the perfect choice!

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Topic Suggestions

Attaining end-to-end visibility in your supply chain

Advantages of utilizing real-time inventory management for ecommerce and CPG industries

Optimizing warehouse operations for maximum efficiency and profitability

Utilizing data integration to revolutionize supply chain operations

Boosting labor management and performance through technology implementation

Enhancing customer experience through effective returns management and decision-making

Building a customized supply chain solution that aligns with your business needs

The importance of scenario analysis and insights in demand planning for supply chain success

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