John Readman


Founder & CEO at MODO25

Bio Info

John has been working in digital marketing and SaaS MarTech / AdTech for over 20 years, during which he has grown several global digital marketing agencies and marketing technology businesses. He has had the pleasure of working with some of the world’s largest brands, helping them shape their online proposition and increase their ecommerce performance. These include Asos, Pepsi, BMW, Superdry, Honda, HP, Toyota, Vistaprint and Sigma Sports.

 John’s day-to-day role involves driving the vision of Modo25 forward and lead the product development of BOSCO™ The Digital Marketing Intelligence Platform. He is passionate about people and creating work environments which enable teams to deliver their best possible work. John believes that businesses are a integral part of their community and should make a positive contribution to the wider society.

John loves to spend time with his family, on his Friday off work he enjoys watching his daughters Lottie and Heidi play hockey or netball. He is a keen cyclist who, with a group of friends, is cycling from Leeds to Australia with Ride25 (John’s cycling holiday/event business) to raise money for 1moreChild. He loves skiing, walking, supporting England rugby and is a passionate Leeds United Fan.

John is a passionate speaker with many interesting stories about lessons he has learned from his travels and rugby tours - just don't ask him about his night out in Vegas with Tom Jones! 

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