Joe Gross

Joe Gross

Director of Solution Engineering at Graylog, Inc.

Videos & Webinar

Unlocking the Value of Graylog

Joe Gross, Director of Solutions Engineering from Graylog GO 2021.

The Other Side of Security

A Panel Discussion Series with Graylog Experts

Topic Suggestions

How Centralized Log Management helps reduce human error risk that can lead to audit findings 

The best security comes from the entire organization - How can businesses determine what they need?

Helping security teams improve IT operations & work with a shared understanding of data visualization

What are you trying to accomplish & how can your IT team achieve that?

How to better align your IT & security departments with the overall strategic vision of the business

Leveraging cyber-resilient systems to prepare for adversity & to effectively transform environmental changes

Moving from Reactive to Proactive - How centralized log management can help you predict security breaches?

Which 5 key focus areas enable to measure all aspects of log management deployment?

How does a centralized log management help IT teams do their job more efficiently?

Understanding users' tech environment to pinpoint what IT developers should focus on

Why should you treat your business organization units as customers?

How to operate networks even with limited resources, with the most scalable solution

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