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Founder & CEO at Huebner Marketing | Author

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J.W. (Jim) Huebner is the Founder and CEO of Huebner Integrated Marketing, a 34-year-old company devoted to helping manufacturing brands become more relevant to their customers and sales channels, and to become more profitable in the process.

Over the years, Huebner's firm has helped brands find their most relevant marketing strategy through a unique process—combining in-depth brand positioning study (a Relevancy Report™)  and a strategic marketing plan (a Relevancy Roadmap™).  No matter the product or industry, this process has proven to result in lightbulb moments for Jim’s clients and in many a turning point for struggling businesses. 

A husband of one, father of three, and grandfather of four, Jim is a storyteller at heart and an experienced brand consultant. He’s committed to using his 30+ years of experience (and anecdotes) to help business leaders, entrepreneurs, and marketers identify the right strategies to outpace the competition. He’s ready to get into the nitty gritty on marketing, manufacturing, and how to take any brand from “mediocre to must-have.” Book Jim now!


The Irrelevant
Old Brand

A Business Fable About Taking Your Brand from Mediocre to Must-Have

Seven Keys to a
Happy Sales Channel

Give your dealers a story they love to tell

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The Manufacturers' Network

The Manufacturers' Network

Essential Branding Strategies with Jim Huebner

What People are Saying


This is a compelling fable about keeping your brand relevant. Yet it is more than that. It gets to the soul of enterprise with the profound message that for a brand to live, it needs to “GIVE.” The framework is consistent with profits being an index of a company’s altruism—how well it serves others, giving before receiving any predetermined return. Jim’s message will help you keep your brand relevant in a world of wonderous possibilities.

Ronald J. Baker - Founder, Host and Author


In the modern market, if you want to add value to your customers, you need to stay relevant. This book will start you down that path.

David Priemer - Founder and Author


As an agency owner and advisor for over 30 years, I can tell you without hesitation that the organizations that truly understand, build, nurture and live their brand are the businesses that can thrive in any economic environment, attract the best talents, and deliver profits year-over-year.

This book is literally a blueprint on how to create and cultivate a brand that will earn you loyalty and love from both your best customers and team members! Follow Jim’s wise counsel and you’re on your way!

Drew McLellan - CEO and Author

Topic Suggestions

What makes a manufacturing brand relevant to today’s consumers? 

How can brands avoid becoming Irrelevant Old Brands?

Why is relevance an important metric and what does it look like in the marketplace?

What is the process for helping brands establish their most robust brand positioning?

You’ve narrowed down 30 years of experience with brands to 4 pillars of your “GIVE Manifesto” - What does that mean?

What is a “Relevancy Roadmap” & how do you advise manufacturing brands to undertake strategic marketing planning?

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