Jeremy Werden

26 year old short-term rental entrepreneur & co-founder of | Airbnb superhost with 22 listings | Raised money to purchase airbnbs | does Airbnb arbitrage, co-hosting & glamping | Started a boat rental business at 23

Bio Info

Jeremy Werden is a firm believer in the democratization of alternative asset classes. During his time at the University of North Carolina, he was a passionate basketball player but realized that he wasn't athletic or skilled enough to make the varsity team. After feeling lost and having tried different businesses, he decided not to leave his future in anyone else's hands. So, at the spike of a pandemic, Jeremy invested in a single boat that solidly propelled his success and revealed to him an opportunity to invest in something more.

Nowadays, Jeremy is a fulltime time Airbnb investor with a 22-list portfolio. He does Airbnb arbitrage and co-hosting as well as buys properties for short-term rental, having a profit of over a million dollars per year. He has also built a software called Airbnb calc which helps Airbnb investors analyze properties. With over 117k followers on Instagram and 52.2k followers on Tiktok, Jeremy has called people's attention.

If you book Jeremy, your audience will learn the ins and outs of investing in real estate, leveraging properties, calculating profits, scaling businesses, and how to become financially free. Book him now.

Previous Interviews

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What People are Saying


Just launched my first airbnb arbitrage unit in Durham, NC. Huge shoutout to Jeremy for his support."

Preyer Fountain


Just secured my first Airbnb with the help of Jeremy! The goal was to get my first listing by 2023 and we accomplished it. I was able to get it booked for the whole month of January – my pricing was a bit off this month but I was able to fix it for next month."

/ Alex Gonzales

Owns 4 properties in NC


I reached out to Jeremy on social media 2 years ago and he helped me get started on my airbnb journey. I now have 7 listings and am a multi-6 figure Airbnb host."

Blake Holden

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