Jennifer Wilde

Jennifer Wilde

Director At Innovation Ecosystem

Bio Info

Jennifer draws on over 15 years of hands-on experience as a senior manager in humanitarian response. She has developed strategies for fostering innovation during emergency response, in challenging volatile contexts, always with complex challenges. Jenny has pioneered initiatives that break from conventional innovation models and enable global scale. She excels in bringing together diverse groups from local innovators to international organizations to collaborate on "messy" problems and big opportunities.

Jenny is currently serving as Managing Director at Innovation Ecosystem, an organisation that offers practical tools and support to deliver a step change in innovation effectiveness. In fact, she met her business partner, Dan McClure, when she was invited by the UN to speak at Berkley about the innovation lab that she set up in the middle of the earthquake response in Nepal.

Jenny has achieved what everyone else just talks about - she has established innovation labs across the globe which are sustainable and produce results.

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