James Fair

James Fair

IT Visionary & Success Mentor

SVP of Operations at Executech

Bio Info

With over 35 years of experience in IT, 30 years in Leadership and a dozen years in the interpersonal workspace, James combines his love for IT and cybersecurity along with his passion for Leadership development.


Having started as an entry level technician and worked his way through every position to Senior Vice President, James offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in all facets of IT.


Now James teaches other IT professionals and IT Leaders how to be their best.  He believes in creating high-performance teams through people-first focused leadership.  From corporate teams to individual coaching, James leads with a passion and purpose.


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Topic Suggestions

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Innovations in IT Following the Pandemic.

Why it is Important to Budget and Strategize for IT Projects in Any Business.

Current Trends and Future Paths for Business IT Today.

How to Start Managing your Security Systems Easily, Effectively and Affordably. 

Leveraging Cybersecurity Tools to Cut Costs Now!

How to Adapt your IT Systems to Fit your Growth Strategy.

Why Outsourcing IT is Guaranteed to Save you Money and Worries. 

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