Ian Koniak

Ian Koniak

Elite Sales Coach and Founder of Ian Koniak Sales Coaching

Bio Info

Ian Koniak is one of the strongest B2B sales leaders in the world and a highly sought-after elite sales coach. Ian has been a top-performing account executive for 18 years. His accolades include being the #1 sales performer at several Fortune 500 companies and the #1 Strategic Account Executive in the Enterprise Select Division at Salesforce. Over the years, Ian has shared his experience and insights as a sales thought leader in keynote speeches, webinars, training sessions and podcasts.

His success in sales is rivalled only by his ability to help others untap their true sales potential. His elite coaching service, Ian Koniak Sales Coaching, is so successful that he has stepped away from his role as Strategic Account Director at Salesforce.com to run it full-time.

Ian is a fantastic speaker who understands from personal experience the pressures of sales and the toll it can take. More importantly, Ian has learned how to make sales fun again! Ian can talk to all aspects of sales and has unrivalled experience in B2B software. Ian will inspire and educate your listeners so that they can knock their sales game out of the ballpark and find fulfilment and joy in their work.

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Topic Suggestions

The mindset and habits of true sales champions.

How to CRUSH your sales quota!

How to communicate the nuances of your sales process to sceptic executives.

The art of prospecting, presenting and closing.

The power of storytelling in boosting sales.

How to effectively sell into large Enterprise accounts.

Effective sales team-building and leadership for long-term success.

The critical role of sales leaders today.

How to truly succeed in B2B sales without burning yourself out!

Coaching high-performing salespeople effectively to help them unlock their true potential.

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