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Geoff Scott is a highly experienced technology leader with over two decades of experience in the enterprise technology space, specifically with SAP implementation and operations. As the CEO of ASUG, one of the largest technology communities in the world, Geoff is responsible for bringing together a massive ecosystem of purchasers, users, implementers, partners, and consultants to get the most value from enterprise technology. His passion for technology and its power to transform the world has made him a respected thought leader in the industry, inspiring innovation and success for organizations of all sizes.

Geoff's broad-based experience in automotive, food, retail, and startup spaces, including his trajectory from CIO to CEO, brings valuable insights and expertise to any conversation around technology, innovation, and community building. His forward-thinking leadership prioritizes helping members make the most of their investment in SAP technologies and amplifying the voice of the SAP customer. With his experience and passion, Geoff would make an excellent guest for your audience of top managers and C-level officials to gain insights into enterprise technology and how it can transform their organizations.

Speaking Engagements

In Conversation: Geoff Scott,

Ahead of the 2021 SAP for Utilities conference in San Diego, Oc. 17 through 19, Cloud for Utilities managing director Rick Cutter interviewed ASUG CEO Geoff Scott about this year's conference, their COVID precautions, and why more than just SAP customers can benefit from SAP for Utilities.

SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference 2019 Wrap-Up

What can ASUG do for you? Education, networking, influence, and community. See how this all comes together at SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference 2019.

ASUG Behind the Scenes -
Geoff Scott

Getting Connected and Stay on the Cutting Edge of SAP

Previous Interviews

Connected Enterprise Podcasts

The Connected Enterprise Podcast

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SAP Experts Pulse Check

SAP Experts Podcast

ASUG Pulse Check Research 2021

SAP Experts Pulse Check

SAP Experts Podcast

SAP Communities Panel Discussion – ASUG, SIG & SAP Intelligent Spend Community

Geoff and Vinnie

Deal Architect Inc

Geoff Scott and Dave Wascom of ASUG discuss the New Normal with Vinnie Mirchandani

Cloud for Utilities

Cloud for Utilities

Geoff Scott and Rick Cutter discuss benefits of attending SAP for Utilities


The Connected Enterprise Podcast with Carl Lewis

ASUG Helps SAP Users Implement World-Class Business Processes

Sapphire Now 2016

Geoff Scott and Jon Reed - Sapphire Now/ASUG Annual Conference 2016

Geoff Scott and Jon Reed discuss views on the pre-Sapphire Now/ASUG Annual Conference event from 2016.

Tech Ed 2015

Geoff Scott and Jon Reed - SAP TechEd 2015

Geoff Scott and Jon Reed discuss TechEd in 2015, including Digital Transformation, SAP HANA, and the role of user groups in TechEd.


SAP and Enterprise Trends Podcasts from Jon Reed (@jonerp) of

Reflecting on SAP Sapphire with Jon Reed, Josh Greenbaum, and Geoff Scott

Topic Suggestions

What enterprise technology is and why it matters

Helping people and organizations get the most from their SAP investments

How enterprise technology is driving innovation and making a positive impact on the world

Optimizing business processes with SAP technology: From ECC to S/4HANA, Fiori, and beyond

The evolving role of technology in creating better customer connections and experiences

Leveraging technology for effective recruitment and retention of top talent

Streamlining operations with seamless integration: SAP and non-SAP systems

Cybersecurity and data protection in SAP ecosystem: Ensuring safe and secure operations and data handling

The impact of enterprise technology on supply chain optimization

Future trends in enterprise technology and their potential impact on businesses and communities

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