Fausto Lendeborg

Co-founder, Board member, CEO | Secberus

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Fausto Lendeborg is the Co-Founder and CEO of Secberus, a Cloud Security Governance Platform built by a team of security experts, cloud architects, developers, and engineers who understand how to manage cloud risk at scale. Fausto has always been involved in cybersecurity. He was employee 14 at Prolexic, later acquired by Akamai; he co-founded Zenedge and served as SVP of security before creating and becoming CEO at Secberus.

Lendeborg began his career 20 years ago when his self-made entrepreneur father mentioned that cybersecurity would be the most in-demand industry in the next millennium, and his mother's career at Cisco provided him with an excellent learning resource as well. At the age of 14, Fausto became fascinated with the inner workings of computers, networks, and hacking. Fausto's uncle even invited him to his computer engineering seminars at Miami Dade College, so he's a natural-born technology enthusiast who's been polishing his talent for decades.

Fausto is eager to talk about how cloud governance, security, and compliance fit in today's as-code environment with insights that will benefit CISOs, CIOs, cloud security architects, and many more. Book him today.


Cloud Security Alliance Research Summit Keynote

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