Ernie Wallerstein jr

President & CEO at Mental Health Technologies Inc.

Bio Info

Ernie is the President & CEO of MHT, where they enable the Mental Health Industry to quantitatively and qualitatively improve a patient's journey to wellness, which he does through a SaaS assessment platform that allows medical practices to administer a variety of validated psychometric tests. By focusing on ease-of-use for both patients and providers, objective data collection, and enhanced billing practices, MHT’s goal is to horizontally integrate the entire mental health process for healthcare professionals.

This guest is knowledgable on sales management, work ethics, business strategy, technology, behavioral health, and mental health. Book him now!

Watch Ernie Discuss Mental Health Technologies

MHT is a cloud-based platform that enables healthcare providers to identify patients that may be suffering from undiagnosed or inadequately treated mental health and substance abuse disorders.

Previous Interviews

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The Podcast by KevinMD

Mental Health Technologies: Revolutionizing technology within the behavior health care field

Topic Suggestions

Enabling the mental health industry to quantitatively and qualitatively improve patient wellness

The importance of taking a close look at our stressors and using a well-rounded approach to fix them

How can healthcare providers close the mental health & drug abuse treatment gap?

Identifying early signs in people's mental health as care providers

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