Dan McClure



Innovation Strategist - Program Architecture - Enterprise Transformation

Bio Info

As a systems strategist and agile product manager, Dan helps organizations envision and create high impact innovations. He has over 30 years of hands-on experience shaping systems-level initiatives that combine business + technology in tumultuous environments.

Dan specializes in complex systems innovation challenges, and acts as a senior innovation strategist for commercial, non-profit, and governmental organizations. He has authored a number of papers on systems innovation methodologies and agile enterprises. Dan is also actively engaged with programs addressing cutting edge issues such as scaling, localization, and dynamic collaboration building. This work builds on decades of experience as a systems innovation strategist working with global firms in fields spanning international aid, environmental activism, government, finance, retail, media, education, energy, and health.

Topic Suggestions

Building innovation engines and programs for success

Supporting innovators and innovation capability building for success

The future role of Innovators and what they need to succeed

Digital Transformation

Complex systems innovation challenges

Scaling, localization, and dynamic collaboration building

Innovation methodology

Agile transformations

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