Dan McClure

Dan McClure

Innovation Strategist - Program Architecture - Enterprise Transformation

Bio Info

Dan is a specialist in disruption. Throughout his 40 year career, he has been a choreographer of ambitious messy change, reimagining complex systems in business, government, international aid, and society as a whole. His work spans multiple sectors and engages leaders in both sprawling global firms and fast moving startups. He is a thought leader that has helped pioneer practical approaches to system innovation, drawing on insights from a wide variety past roles such as the global innovation lead at the international consultancy ThoughtWorks, and the Chair of the Advisory Board for the UK based Humanitarian Innovation Fund.

Today, as a founding partner of Innovation Ecosystem, Dan is working to make system innovation a core creative capability that is enthusiastically embraced and widely practiced. He has authored a number of papers on systems innovation methodologies and agile enterprises, and is also actively engaged with programs addressing cutting edge issues such as scaling, localization, and dynamic collaboration building.

Although he is sometimes referred to as "The Grandfather of Product Innovation", Dan is right at the cutting edge of innovation and would love to share with audiences why systems innovation is such an important part of the future of work.

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