Cory O’Daniel

Cory O'Daniel

CEO | Co-Founder at Massdriver

Bio Info

Cory O'Daniel is the CEO and Co-Founder at Massdriver, a company that helps to improve the developer experience of cloud operations, offering self-service capabilities along with governance and guardrails to developers. He's an expert in DevTools and platform engineering, having built startups and managed cloud operations for over 20 years. Cory is also the creator of Bonny, an Elixir-based Kubernetes operator framework.

This guest is eager to continue empowering software consultancies, SaaS founders, and other technology managers by allowing them to deploy secure, best-practice cloud infrastructure so they can focus on developing exceptional products. Book him now!


The Big Elixir 2019 - Commandeering Kubernetes With Elixir - Cory O'Daniel

Operating and Extending Kubernetes with Elixir and the Bonny Operator Framework.

BEAM and Kubernetes: Better together? - Cory O'Daniel | Code BEAM SF 20

Discuss overlapping scaling and reliability functionality in the Erlang VM and Kubernetes, and how they can be used together to provide application and system level fault tolerance.

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