Colton Briner

Colton Briner

Founder of Scrappy AF Solutions, Marketing Coach 

And Keynote Speaker

Bio Info

Colton Briner has spent his entire career where the rubber meets the road between product development and branding on the one side and marketing and sales on the other side. This experience has enabled him to combine strong strategies with creative execution to help companies grow fast while spending less. Or, as he likes to call it "Modern marketing with some stank on it.

Insightful and informative, Colt brings a passionate spirit and a practical mind to inspire and empower his audience. Through educational, fun and energy-infused programs, Colt captures the imagination and delivers real-life tips, techniques and resources for business success and personal fulfilment in the 21 st century.

Even though Colton might not take himself too seriously, he is a seasoned executive with experience growing businesses and driving brand visibility for organizations of all sizes. At Scrappy AF Solutions, he has proven that he can take average marketing teams and guide them so that they can become exceptional.

If you are looking for a unique yet authoritative speaker on B2B marketing or purpose-driven leadership to really engage your audience and add a touch of humor then Colton is your guy!

Topic Suggestions

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