Christy Pretzinger

President & CEO, WriterGirl

Bio Info

Christy Pretzinger is a dynamic and visionary leader who has transformed the landscape of healthcare content creation. As the Owner and CEO of WriterGirl, Christy has built an empire that delivers top-notch content and strategy to hospitals and healthcare organizations nationwide. What sets her apart is her unwavering commitment to fostering an environment where people can truly thrive.

Having transitioned from freelancing to owning her own agency, Christy has discovered her true calling in creating a workplace that nurtures personal and professional growth. With a profound belief in lifelong learning, she understands that personal development is the key to unlocking professional success. In fact, Christy ensures that each WriterGirl employee has an annual personal development budget, empowering them to explore avenues such as writing courses, fitness training, or even yoga teacher training. Her passion for cultivating thriving workplaces goes beyond her own company; she is dedicated to encouraging the reinvention of how we perceive work.

As a sought-after speaker and mentor, Christy Pretzinger is the ideal guest for podcasts catering to founders, business owners, top managers, female entrepreneurs, and anyone responsible for shaping their organization's culture. With her expertise in culture, team EQ/EI, self-awareness, and leadership, Christy offers invaluable insights and practical strategies that can transform businesses and teams. Her entrepreneurial journey, along with the wisdom gained from overcoming numerous challenges, allows her to connect with younger businesses and guide them towards sustainable growth while helping them avoid common pitfalls. Book her now!

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