Christian Bachelder

Broker & Owner of The One Brokerage

Bio Info

Together with David Greene, Christian co-founded The One Brokerage, deemed the fastest-growing broker in the nation in 2021 and 2022, ranked in the top 20 brokerages by funded loan volume.

Christian is a UC Berkeley graduate; he has a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering but hated the industry and wanted to get out of capped earning potential. He got into real estate with the help of a childhood family friend who had some success in the business and discovered he had a knack for connecting with people and adding value to their mindsets, investments, and journeys. He is a licensed real estate, insurance, and mortgage broker.

Bachelder regularly hosts masterminds, seminars, and webinars with real estate gurus. He teaches people everything from investing principles to how to buy your 1000th property with a focus on what markets to target, how to find the best loan, and how to protect one's investments with insurance policies and other forms of asset protection.

This guest speaker purchased 15 properties in 12 months last year, employing the same principles he teaches. He created a course for loan officers to enroll in to teach the fundamentals of the sales process, how to become the best advisor possible, how to get the most out of this career path, and tips on succeeding in any market. Book him now!

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