Chris Kneeland

Chris Kneeland

Co-Founder of Cult Collective and The Gathering

Bio Info

Chris Kneeland is the co-founder of North America's leading marketing engagement agency. He and his team have dissected hundreds of cult brands to discover how to create brands that people love to work at, or consumers love to buy from. What they discovered was that cult brand principles are really not that complicated!

So why do most professionals and organizations fall well short of their full potential? The simple answer is that they do not know what these cult brand principles are or are too risk-averse to change.

Chris would like to share with your audience how they can clone the success of the world’s most iconic and beloved brands in their own businesses. In fact, he would be thrilled if your listeners put these principles into practice, transform their businesses and some day wind up joining him at "The Gathering" as nominees for the most cult-like brand.

Business leaders with the desire to reap the compelling benefits associated with having cult-like followers are going to love listening to what Chris has to say!

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