Charlie Locke

Charlie Locke

CEO and Co-Founder of SDR Nation

Bio Info

Charlie Locke is a sales leadership expert who, in 2020, teamed up with community building expert Michael Gagliano to build the only dedicated community for Sales Development Reps in the world - SDR Nation!

After 20 years in software sales, Charlie knew that something had to be done to bridge the huge enablement gap that exists in sales. He had seen too many companies and managers that were overburdened by the responsibility of training new reps and too many promising young SDRs quit for lack of support!

Charlie is an engaging and authoritative speaker on sales who is unique in that he places community first and content second. SDRs will love the practical advice and experience he brings to the table from having spent years in the trenches. Managers and sales leaders will learn how to nurture the talent within their teams and come away feeling empowered and inspired to guide their teams to the next level of success. No matter what their role, Charlie can provide insights to help your audience nail their sales and accelerate their careers.

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