Carolyn Ward

Director of Clinical Strategy, Particle Health

Bio Info

Carolyn Ward is a dynamic and driven internal medicine physician with a passion for patient empowerment and data-driven decision making. With over eight years of experience in healthcare, including as Chief Resident at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, she has established herself as a leader in the field. As the Director of Clinical Strategy at Particle Health, Carolyn has taken her experience to the next level. She is responsible for developing the clinical product roadmap for the organization, ensuring that providers and patients are represented throughout the research and development process.

Carolyn's mission is to enable simple and secure access to actionable patient data through Particle's modern API platform. She believes that the health data system must be more cohesive to prevent digital friction and to promote positive patient outcomes. Carolyn is an ideal fit for podcasts targeting audiences of C-suite executives and founders for health tech companies, physicians, and women in tech. She can offer unique insights on topics such as patient engagement and empowerment, health care interoperability, AI in health data management, and physician burnout. Her knowledge, experience, and and passion make her an outstanding guest for any podcast looking to explore the challenges facing the industry and the opportunities for innovation.

Topic Suggestions

The future of patient engagement: Strategies and technologies for empowerment

The role of interoperability in creating a cohesive healthcare system

Leveraging Particle Health's API platform for driving positive patient outcomes through actionable data

Reducing workload, preventing burnout, and promoting physician wellness in the digital age

Women in health tech: Breaking down barriers and driving innovation

The ethics of AI in health data management: Balancing innovation and patient privacy

Putting patients first: Designing digital health applications with clinical insights

How technology is revolutionizing the way we access and receive health care

The importance of clinical expertise in developing and implementing interoperable health care technology

The need for accessible and usable patient data in the healthcare industry

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