Carlo Cisco

Founder & CEO, SELECT

Bio Info

Carlo Cisco is a successful entrepreneur, investor, and business expert with over ten years of experience in startups, leadership, growth, marketing, fundraising, and technology/innovation. He is the CEO and Founder of Select, a new-generation concierge, and community platform that offers exclusive access to events, pricing, and perks at over 1.3 million locations. Carlo has partnered with top brands like BMW, Hyatt, and Tumi and is now working with Mastercard to launch the Select World Elite Mastercard this spring.

His interest in entrepreneurship and innovation started in college, where he launched his first profitable business, helping local Miami venues attract customers. Since then, he has helped build and expand startups of all sizes, including Groupon Japan, where he turned it into one of the company's most significant and prosperous international markets in two months.

Carlo has earned recognition from various media outlets, such as Forbes, Fox Business, and, for his diverse experience and expertise. He is an ideal guest for podcasts targeted at founders, business, marketing, and leadership professionals, and those working in financial services, travel, entertainment, and hospitality. If you want your audience to learn from a guest who can provide actionable advice on building and scaling startups, fundraising, implementing effective marketing strategies, adapting to trends, and navigating the business world, Carlo Cisco is your guy!

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Topic Suggestions

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Strategies for building a successful business through leadership, persistence, and resilience in the face of adversity

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The impact of inflation on high-end customers and brands in the hospitality and luxury goods industry

How to develop a successful marketing strategy for startups

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