Benedetto Biondi

CEO at Folks Finance

Bio Info

Benedetto Biondi is the CEO of Folks Finance, a frontrunner project in Algorand that provides a comprehensive suite of DeFi solutions for managing digital assets. Benedetto has been working in the blockchain industry for three years, and he currently holds positions as a Blockchain Project Manager, a mentor at the Algorand Miami and Europe Accelerators, a DeFi advisor at Climatecoin, and a DeFi lecturer in the course Economics and Law for Digital Assets at the University of Florence.

Working in the DeFi industry since its beginning gives Benedetto extensive knowledge of Web3. In 2021, he became the CEO of Folks Finance thanks to his enthusiasm for the cryptocurrency market and the distributed finance industry (DeFi).

Benedetto's unique background in Mechanical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano as well as in Engineering Innovation and Management from Cardiff University, positions him to contribute novel ideas to the DeFi, blockchain, finance, and Crypto communities. Book him now!

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