BE Alink

Founder of The Alinker

Bio Info

BE Alink was born and raised in the Netherlands, is a trained woodworker and restoration architect who spent 10 years doing community reconstruction work in Kenya, The Sudan, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kosovo, and Afghanistan. She is the founder and inventor of the Alinker walking bike, which she refers to as a "vehicle of change". 

BE's reverse-design practices and philosophy led to the Alinker, which is not built for a "body-with-a-problem" but for who people are, active and engaged. She is a gender weirdo, and has often been called "crazy", "all over the place", and "scattered". People told her to focus and to comply, but BE does not fit in; she just held true to her vision that the world needs something else, for and by us all, with no one excluded. BE focuses on who we are, not what we have. She has built her company into a movement of people showing up for each other. 

Years ago, BE said: "I dream of a world where the dismissed people of today are our leaders of tomorrow”. She employs Alinker users (otherwise unemployed) and pays everybody a living wage. She is also a SheEO venture, more than carbon neutral, and practically plastic free. The Alinker company is built to create access to health by building access to mobility, community, and real food.

Videos & Webinars

Shopify Featuring the Alinker

Shopify interviewed BE Alink for a video to feature at their annual staff meeting, showcasing the companies they are proud to support.

Barbara Alink - The Alinker:
A Bike Mobility Aid

The Alinker is a non-motorized walking-bike without pedals. It is for everyone who wants to maintain an active life regardless of their movement abilities/disabilities.

Dignity Through Movement for an Aging Population | Barbara Alink | TEDxEastVan

In today's society, aging and death are seldom spoken of; more of a taboo topic than not. In this grounding talk, Barbara Alink talks about providing dignity and excitement to an aging population.

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Interview with BE Alink, Founder & CEO of The Alinker- Perky Collar Radio Show- Hosted by David M. Frankel


Health411- Mobility Solutions with BE Alink

Topic Suggestions

What type of aid can people with mobility challenges use to match who they are in their minds?

How to reverse-design your mindset when paradigms have been set by a society without disabilities

Have you asked yourself who you want to be, rather than what you should become in your career?

How are people with mobility affections interacting with the world?

Ways in which leaders can leverage teams' authenticity to become active and engaged

Is the healthcare system really a "sickcare" system because it only kicks in when we're sick?

What if the dismissed people of today were the leaders of tomorrow?

How can an active life be supported regardless of physical challenges?

How can we create a paradigm for a healthcare that is really supporting our wellness?

Creating access to health by building access to mobility, community, and real food

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