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Aviv Grafi

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Aviv Grafi is Founder and CTO of Votiro, an award-winning cybersecurity company that helps organizations accept safe content and data inbound, at scale, through Votiro's open, API-based content disarm and reconstruction-as-a-service technology. Aviv is the principal software architect for Votiro's enterprise solution, Votiro Cloud, which protects against known and unknown malware and ransomware in data, regardless of data source or destination.

Prior to co-founding Votiro, Grafi served in an elite intelligence unit of the IDF, nurturing his passion for finding simple solutions to complex security issues. His areas of expertise span the cyber product lifecycle—from strategy and development, through go-to market—along with network security, IDS/IPS/firewall internals, defensive programming, enterprise security penetration testing, vulnerability research, and virtualization.

Aviv speaks publicly on these topics as they are relevant in order to raise industry awareness and push for innovative solutions. He holds a B.Sc. in computer science, a B.A. in economics, and an M.B.A. from Tel Aviv University, and is the inventor and principal software architect of Votiro’s enterprise protection solutions. Listeners will learn how to enable their business to securely and quickly work with third-parties and partners. Book him now.


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Get To Know Votiro | Meet our CTO and Founder Aviv Grafi!

On this episode, our CEO Ravi Srinivasan sits down with Votiro's CTO and Founder, Aviv Grafi, to discuss trends in security conversations, digital transformation, and improv.

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