Austin McCulloh

Austin McCulloh

Principal Consultant and Founder - Austin McCulloh Advising

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Whether it's helping clients take their income from $300/month to $7,000/month, secure a contract with a Fortune 1,000 company, or being a key advisor from launch to a 7-figure exit for a high growth SaaS startup, Austin McCulloh understands business growth.

After managing just under half a million dollars a few years ago as a 21-year-old financial advisor & running an online hiring agency that taught English to over 700 Chinese children, Austin decided to start his own consulting firm, Austin McCulloh Advising (AMA), where Austin & his team show financial representatives how to develop a strong pipeline of qualified leads from online prospecting. Since a pivot in May 2021, AMA has helped its clients make 35,000+ prospecting contacts on LinkedIn while averaging a 26% acceptance rate and 58% response rate. This has created thousands of new connections, conversations, & meetings for clients.

Austin is an young, energetic and dynamic speaker with lots of insights for anyone looking to grow consistently, sell more and communicate better.

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