Anthony Zhang

Anthony Zhang

Co-founder & CEO @ Vinovest | Thiel Alumn | Angel Investor

Bio Info

Anthony Zhang is the co-founder and CEO of Vinovest, a platform democratizing access to investing in wine as an alternative asset class. A young, talented serial entrepreneur, Anthony has experience scaling tech platforms into global markets and securing funding from leading investors.

Prior to launching Vinovest, Anthony founded and sold two companies. After spending his childhood and formative years in five countries across three different continents, he enrolled at the University of Southern California. As a freshman, he launched his first company, EnvoyNow, an on-demand food delivery platform for college campuses. He scaled the business to dozens of markets nationwide and hundreds of thousands of customers before it was acquired by Joyrun, a subsidiary of Walmart. EnvoyNow received funding from Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban, and famed TV producer Mark Burnett. His work at EnvoyNow earned him the prestigious Thiel Fellowship award, for which he was awarded $100k in funding from Peter Thiel’s Thiel Foundation.

His second company, KnowYourVC, a platform for vetted reviews on angel investors and venture capitalists, was acquired by RateMyInvestor after usage exploded to several hundred thousand unique searches a month. He remains an active board member at RateMyInvestor.

Anthony has also served as the head of marketing and business development at Blockfolio, a cryptocurrency portfolio management app, and helped lead teams to scale the user base to 10+ million users before it was acquired by FTX. Recognized for his achievement as an entrepreneur, Anthony has earned the Interact Fellowship award and landed on the Los Angeles Business Journal’s “20 In Their 20s” List. He is also a mentor at WineUnify, a nonprofit sponsoring funding and career development for underrepresented minorities in the wine industry.

He currently resides in Los Angeles, California with his beautiful wife and adorable dog.

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