Andrew Batey

Founder & Co-CEO | Beatdapp

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Andrew Batey is an accomplished entertainment & technology entrepreneur and early adopter of major industry transformations across music, social media, and web3. Over the last 15 years, The Peak’s 2023 Emerging Leader raised $50M+ for his own startups and filed 40+ patents across seven countries around artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and data infrastructure. Now, as the Founder and Co-CEO of Vancouver-based Beatdapp, his focus is on helping music labels and artists collect royalties and combat streaming fraud through blockchain innovation. In his past life, he was always looking for unique ways to build and scale companies, from lemonade stands to lawn mowing services. He soon realized his superpower was recognizing opportunities that others couldn’t see yet and finding clever ways to gain advantage.

Andrew  has been early to major industry transformations in social media, P2P, IoT, and blockchain. He has spent considerable time helping launch multiple top 10 artists, lifestyle brands, and growth hacking web properties. Over the last 15 years, he's raised $50M+ for his own startups and filed 40+ patents across 7 countries. Other than being a 5x founder himself, he’s served as an executive for various technology companies across mediahealthcare, and D2C brands. Most recently, he served as the Head of Growth for a patient communication SaaS in the medical industry processing 60M+ messages monthly. He was the Chief Marketing Officer for a peer-to-peer action sports sharing economy with inventory and users from 100+ countries.

Aside from Beatdapp, Andrew has taught 4th year Advertising and Marketing courses at universities for 8 years, and is currently a part-time professor at Trinity Western University. He has mentored dozens of startups in Los Angeles, San Francisco, NYC, Vancouver, and invests in 10-15 companies on a yearly basis.

Away from work, you'll find him on a snowboard, enjoying coffee with his wife, or on a video call teaching class. This guest loves connecting with young entrepreneurs and marketers. Book him now!

Videos & Webinar

How Can Music Streaming be Shaken Up by Blockchain? AIBC Summit

The music industry is facing a $4.5 billion dollar problem, can blockchain solve this problem? Andrew Batey, Co-CEO of Beatdapp discusses.


Music Streaming Has a $2 Billion Fraud Issue That Goes Beyond AI

Bloomberg Law

Researchers Detail Streaming Scams Costing Musicians Billions


Streaming Fraud ‘Hurts Everyone.’ Beatdapp Wants to Change That


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Topic Suggestions

The rising journey to building a startup with ML, AI, and cluster analysis engines

Perception fraud, financial fraud, and a little less blame ascribed to artists

Have-to-see-it-to-believe-it: The easily accesible nature of music streaming fraud

Lessons from a 40+ patent inventor for high throughput blockchain infrastructure

The mechanics of advertising and the laws governing their effective use in an evolving marketplace

What methodology, technology, and moral principles sustain a growing startup in today's economy?

To fight fraud effectively, collaboration is king!

How can VCs and family offices avoid investor's remorse?

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