Amit Serper

Director of Security Research at Sternum

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Amit Serper is the Director of Security Research at Sternum IoT, and a leading international cybersecurity expert. Passionate about everything cybersecurity, vulnerability exploitation, and ethical hacking, Amit is the one who found a “vaccine” for NotPetya a while back. Prior to joining Sternum IoT to take charge of its security research and lead its team of cybersecurity experts as they work to transform the IoT defense paradigm, Amit worked as the Director of Security Research for Akamai Technologies, a U.S. cloud and cybersecurity giant, where he focused on enterprise network protection.

Serper held the offices of North American VP of Security Research for Guardicore, a network segmentation company, ahead of its acquisition by Akamai. He also held a number of positions in Cybereason, working his way up from Senior Security Researcher to VP for Security Strategy. His private sector career followed years of service in the Israeli intelligence, where he took on a variety of security roles and projects.

Amit believes it’s time to look past the 'patchability' approach and implement a 'vaccine-like' solution. Ultimately, moving to adopt a proactive approach of runtime protection, which provides each and every device in the network with the protection that it needs at any stage of development, without relying on any patches, or labels, for that matter.

When he's not hacking devices, this joyful guest likes to spend time with his wife and daughter, and is also an active musician and a recording artist. Book him now!


Tackling Secure DevOps in an IoT World

Tackling Secure DevOps in an IoT World

DevOps Experience Virtual

Own You Owning Hundreds of Thousands Vulnerable Devices with only two HTTP packets A

T311 Peekaboo 

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