Amanda Rabideau

Amanda Rabideau

Founder & CEO of Arch Collective | Fractional CMO

Bio Info

Amanda Rabideau is the Founder, CEO, & Fractional CMO at Arch Collective. She has over fifteen years of experience growing businesses using effective marketing, strategy, and scale practices. Throughout her career, Amanda has worked with large enterprises like Dell, Microsoft, CoreLogic, Cloudstaff, New Relic, and OraMetrix (acquired by Dentsply Sirona in 2018). 

Amanda's devotion to empowering entrepreneurs led to the creation of Arch Collective, a successful business that handles all marketing strategy and execution for B2B (back-to-back) tech startups. She believes that operating with talented, freelance marketers is the future of work, as well as a valuable advantage provided by Fractional CMOs allowing post-Series A startups to deploy new capital in the safest, most cost-efficient way. 

Freelance marketers and designers, entrepreneurs, and female business leaders looking to grow their companies through effective marketing and commercialization will find Amanda's experience knowledgeable, inspiring, and beneficial. She's ready to get booked!

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