Alan Versteeg

CRO at Growth Matters

Bio Info

As an engineer by trade, Alan entered the sales world with a significant level of scepticism. Early in his sales career, he found himself applying all the standard advice but with little success. Alan chose to make sales a career, not a job. He was soon performing through a combination of excellent sales management and using his engineering mindset to ‘reverse engineer’ sales success. He then moved into sales development, owning the license for SPIN® Selling for sub-Saharan Africa.


However, soon after reading a quote from Prof. Neil Rackham which stated that “no amount of training, consulting, or technology would have any sustainable impact on sales without an investment in sales management”, – Alan co-founded Growth Matters – focused on developing sales managers globally.


Through pragmatic frameworks and repeatable processes, Alan and his team have developed over 2000 Sales Managers in over 45 countries and across multiple industries over the past few years. He believes that so many companies are working on enablement train they have forgotten to develop sales managers to lay the execution tracks.


Alan speaks frankly, with a light-hearted approach and a passion for the profession of sales. His insights and one-liners of wisdom will keep your audience hooked.

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The Sales Management. Simplified. Podcast with Mike Weinberg

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